Friday, November 30, 2007

"You are an awful man!!..."

Here is some stuff that I'm working on for a dialog test. I've done a couple dialogs before, but non that I'm entirely happy with, so I figured I'd work on this to add to my demo reel.
The amazing Rosie Sullivan was nice enough to offer me the use of one of her awesome character designs, so I'm using him on the receiving end of the dialog.

Here are some of the early character designs that I went through before finding the sound clip that I wanted to use...

I finally settled on THIS piece of dialog from 'Anchorman' (which I haven't seen):
"Little Girl:"You are an awful man! You are truly a disappointment to us all Mr Burgundy!"

Some animation thumbnails...

I tried changing 'Mr. Burgundy's' proportions a little to make him taller than the little girl, but I ended up going back to Rosie's original design because it was way too appealing to change any part of it!

I'll post some pencil tests in the next few days...

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