Friday, March 7, 2008


Finally went through my sketchbooks and scanned in some of the latest pages. Enjoy:

That's Say in the top left corner :)

Woohoo! Finally went to the zoo! Spent at least an hours just drawing Giraffes... trip to the zoo is complete without a visit to the petting zoo!..

...We even made some new friends - Note the 2 kids hunched over in the top right corner - this 9 year old came up to me and asked if he could draw too, so we gave him and his friend some paper and pencils and they joined in the fun! Their monsters and dragons put my doodly scribbles to shame!! ...never drawing next to a 9 year old again!


Graham said...

Nice stuff man. I want my pen back now ;)

magnus said...

These are great man! Keep on going!

emily barrera said...

hey, great sketches.

.Louaye. .Moulayess. said...

Wassup Hanna!
I love your sketches man. Seeing those makes me want to switch to sketching in pen.