Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been so busy lately I forgot I had a blog. Here's some stuff I've been doing on the side for the Fabrica website. They're all inside jokes on people who work here, but hopefully you can get a laugh even if you don't know these people.

"Christopher Knowles is a naive little mermaid: a credulous human-fish, who for a frail love, signed his voice to Babactopus, the Wicked Sea Witch of the East."

"Phoebe Mutetsi is small and cranky, her ideas big and filthy.
In her dreams, Phoebe believes she's old, conservative, Chinese."

"Jen Osborne is a rogue and a libertine
who takes great pleasure in wrecking havoc on men and seducing their wives."

"To make a long story short. And without further to do; This is Babak Payami."

"In the land of Argentine, the kingdom of Melons,
lives little prince Diego, a mustache & a pussy called Siemens."

"Nicolo is a photographer, but when he grows up, he wants to be a Chinese ping-pong champion."

1 comment:

emily barrera said...

Love the Osborne illustration.
they are great.

good luck w/all your projects, banana!